Armen Martirosyan

Music Producer

He is the musical producer of the cultural project “Traditional Armenian Music Treasury”. He is a graduate of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory. Between 1997-2010 he was the artistic director and principal conductor of the Armenian State Jazz Orchestra, which participated in numerous festivals under his baton and performed with many renowned pianists and composers, such as Chick Corea.  An accomplished musician and composer, Armen Martirosyan works in various genres: academic, jazz, fusion, ethnic, rock and pop. He has over 30 years of creative experience in composing, arranging and producing music. He has worked as a musical producer for the Sharm Holding since 2006. In 2003, he was awarded with the Movses Khorenatsi medal for his innovative achievements in Armenian culture. In 2007, he was awarded with the Gold Medal by the Ministry of Culture and Youth of the Republic of Armenia. In the same year, he was bestowed the honorary title of “Honorary Worker of Art” of the Republic of Armenia. In 2008, the State Jazz Band of Armenia won the “Best Jazz Band” award in Armenia’s National Music Awards. In 2013, he received an award for his contribution to Armenian pop culture at Armenia Music Awards in Moscow, Russia.

Travelling to different countries and studying different cultures, Armen Martirosyan clearly realizes the importance of the national culture. The well-known composer has his individual role in the given project and other than being the musical producer, he also provides for the creative process of the project.

His formula of success: “Professionalism and Responsibility”.

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